MX Properties, Inc and its officials continue to receive threatening emails from an individual whom we cannot identify because they were not named in either of Carmen De Souza's Inducement or Demand letters of 16/11 or 18/16. This person continues to harass MX and is now making defaming and very inappropriate comments. This individual clearly does not understand that our company has absolutely no privy with him whatsoever in accordance with attorney De Souza's letters. All that we can warn is that if this individual does not refrain from this activity, we will be forced to bring suit against them promptly and file police reports against attorney De Souza and consultant Diak for racketeering. Both Carmen De Souza and John Diak have been STRONGLY warned that this individual is not to contact MX or its officials again -- even if they are associated with De Souza or Diak. Again, MX Properties does not know this aggressive individual who is spewing untruths and has never had contact with him. 

Further, we understand now from Diak that "whomever" might return the $11000 received via FRAUD. This certainly will not suffice as the FRAUD was committed and concluded as soon as Carmen De Souza wrote her second letter dated 18/11/2016 stating now that the 'bank' had been instructed for 'doing' payments ... What a horrific and tragic mess!

Our company, MX Properties, Inc was first introduced to Attorney Carmen De Souza by its consultant, Mr John Diak on November 16, 2012.  For 15 months MX Properties, Inc had been awaiting funding for its business patiently. On the 16th, Mr Diak communicated to MX Properties, Inc that all was well but with a "catch". The "catch" was that MX Properties, Inc was required by Carmen De Souza to pay $11000 for "fees". At this point, MX became somewhat suspicious and requested a letter from the attorney confirming that once these mysterious "fees" were paid that its funds would finally be released.

So on 16/11/2016, Attorney Carmen De Souza provided a demand / inducement letter to Mr Diak stating that once the $11000 in "fees" were paid that MX funds in the amount of $5mm Euro would be released immediately. At this point, MX Properties, Inc felt quite comfortable that it could now Swift the $11000 to coordinates that Ms De Souza provided since she as and officer of the court. On 18/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc promptly wired the funds and felt relief that finally our funds would be received.

Carmen De Souza then followed up with another letter on 18/11/2016 confirming that the mysterious "fees" had been accepted and received. In her November 18th letter, Ms De Souza claimed to have ordered the "bank" to immediately commence with the release of funds. Again, MX Properties, Inc was very encourage that matters were taken care of now that we felt confident that Carmen De Souza would in fact comply with her previous letters. 

After several days, MX Properties became VERY concerned seeing that no funding had or would be commencing as per Ms De Souza's promises in writing. This was certainly feeling like a clear case of Fraud in the Inducement --- as simple as that!

Since then FIVE weeks have passed and Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza has rebuffed all of our attempts to provide explanations or timing of our funds. MX has pleaded and begged Attorney Carmen De Souza, but it has fallen upon deaf ears.

Please if you are attempting to locate lawyers in Lisbon, ensure that you conduct the appropriate level of due diligence before engaging any lawyer.

All MX Properties requests is that Ms De Souza complies with her own demand / inducement letters in good faith ... just as MX Properties did so in such a prompt manner.